shhh...don't tell anyone

I am a morning person. Unabashedly.
And by the looks of things there aren't too many of us around.
Or perhaps they were watching the cricket.

It's good this way though. It feels like being in on a very big secret...shhh...don't tell anyone but it's....beautiful on the beach at six in the morning. 


Ben Harper- 'Morning Yearning'


Val said...

It certainly looks like it! Beautiful pictures! One for the theme?

Jocelyn said...

Go back to bed! Even the birds are still asleep.


Litchi said...

I think those pics are definitely candidates for the beach theme!

Lol, J! Birds still sleeping? Nah - they just like to watch cricket(s) too. They're not into the beach much. Except, of course, for the gulls.

It's overcast and miserable now- see why it's good to get out early? It's called making hay while the sun shines.
Or something.

Sam said...

You know, sometimes I think this early morning streak of yours is crazy, sometimes I'm jealous of you having the sea and mountains to go to when most of the world is still asleep.

PS hoorah for firefox letting me see the verification word :)

Litchi said...

Yeah well...not every morning is paradise...it's blowing a gale here today. Beach (and berg) out of the question this am.
Funny- I struggle with Firefox and the verification thing too. I guess it's a cookie thing. No probs in IE though.

Jocelyn said...

This is why I attached the post comment option at the bottom of the blog entry. Annoying cookies.

Sam, are you on Blogspot too?

ooh, new banner....Ocean Night Song right?

Litchi said...

Annoying cookies.....did you ever think you would use those two words together? Lol

Yep- I thought I'd ring the changes with another old piece of dA art. I loved making this one. *is wistful*