vampires in the fynbos

I spent the morning on the slopes of the Helderberg mountain. I knew things were looking up when the guy at the gate let me in without paying...(woohoo!who says nothing's for free?!)...and it just got better.
Everything was covered in heavy, glittering dew from the rainfall the day before. It sparkled.
I spent ages (bum-in-air-mode, but the place was empty so I didn't have to worry about blinding the unsuspecting public as they rounded the corner) trying to capture the light.
It looked like tiny fairy lights were strung everywhere!
I sat myself down on a bench in the sun and just soaked it all up.

The fish eagles call, the drone of an aeroplane, the faint cry of children playing down at the pond...and the pungent smell of fynbos.
Then I climbed into a sarmie (a South African sandwich not someone into molesting oriental boys   *g*)  and read.
The funniest vampchic lit I've read in ages. Seriously.
Betsy, the prophesied Queen of the Vampires, is hi-la-rious.
Vampires in the fynbos. Another day in paradise.

More pics to follow in flickr.

Elis Regina & Tom Jobim- Waters of March


Jocelyn said...

Amazing photos. I can just see you in action, Lee. Trying to get close to the flowers and dewdrops without disturbing them. Love the second photo the best.

Thanks for the tip on Betsy. I won't show this to Aibi just yet as my budget won't allow online book purchases for another 3 months. But she sure looks interesting.

Litchi said...

Thanks J...I don't usually find flower shots exciting but I loved taking these.
About Undead & Unwed.....this one isn't exactly young adult. More like Anita Blake & co.
It's a very, very tongue in cheek (but careful of the fangs) Anita Blake. You'd enjoy it though- check out the first chapter in Amazon.

Val said...

Amazing pics! Wow! I love the leaves with the drops just about to drip. Seems like it was a magical morning, in more ways than one! Thanks for sharing. :)

Sam said...

Vampires in the Fynbos!! Lol, when I saw that I couldn't help but think WTF? I understand now. *taps nose*

Beautiful place, huh? Sometimes you just have to sit back and think about how amazing South Africa is as a country. So many gorgeous places, so many opportunities for amazing photos.

As for the pungent smell of fynbos? My favourite has to be buchu (sp). That's our "Sedgefield" smell and after years of trying to figure it out? Made my mom plant one in the garden when we did :)