Yes. It's spring. Things are growing. Yikes! Little people are growing too!

 'Sun Song'- Laura Veirs


pink for a princess

Some sparkles, lots of giggles and LOADS of pink.... the perfect party for a little princess-in-waiting : )  

Can't wait to meet you, little one!


Mom's Birthday Weekend

I'm ignoring the huge file of photos still to be uploaded and posting some pics of our weekend away in Franschhoek. Beautiful setting? Check. Lovely cottage? Check. Good booze  and  food? Check. Gorgeous people?Well, duh. Of course!

Family of the Year - Let's Go Down


eggnog day!!

**dusts off cobwebs**

So. Another year comes to a close and, ohmygoodnessgraciousme, it's Eggnog Day! Hard to believe that last year, this little one spent most of the time curled up on the couch, snoozing and snuffling in the most adorable newborn way. Now, a whole year older,  our  cheeky little elf couldn't wait to dip his fingers into Cyril's eggnog, wear his aunty's shades, play peekaboo with glassware and demolish an ornament or two. 

 Such an adorable little monkey-elf!

Was it hot? Why yes. It is tradition to sweat a little when putting up mom's tree.

Did we wear something silly on our heads? Yep. We gave it horns  this year. Horns with bells on.

Was there confusion over lights, which ones worked, which ones were for outside and which were for inside, where the hell were the plugs and power adapters again?  Oh yes. Definitely. It would be No Fun without that sort of confusion.

Did we get slightly pissed? Yes. This too is the tradition.Cyril's nog has no small measure of booze hidden in it's innocent-looking creamy depths.

Another wonderful day with an ever expanding (ahem ;-P ) family. Such magical moments. Thanks guys.

And happy holidays everyone!