Merry Merry!!

I'm chillin' with the kitties .....very merry after having climbed into a bottle of Amarula that was actually meant to be a gift for some person who will remain nameless! (Don't worry, they will be receiving a gift...just not that one)

Tomorrow I drive to the family in Cape Town. We'll be drinking champagne cocktails, doing a leg of lamb in the Weber (with a gammon in the oven) and will probably play a few rounds of Mario Kart.
Peace, happiness and lots of love everyone!

ETA- Whoops! Forgot to take this post off draft (blame it on the Amarula)...almost 24 hrs later and it's all over bar wading through the left overs and taking another peek at some truly excellent pressies.
The very yummy (almost surprisingly so) Pointsettia cocktail. Note the kitchen sink in the background with dishcloth and Sunlight liquid....we were so enthralled by our cocktail we forgot to stage it properly...

Try it sometime. The Triple Sec gives it the sweetness with a citrusy zing and the cranberry juice balances that with a touch of sour. And then you top it up with champagne. Yum.
Hope yours was a jolly merry Christmas.


Jocelyn said...

Taunting the kitty with the Christmas light? Naughty. That poinsettia drink looks awesome.

Tried calling you today but it went to your automated voicemail.

Oh well, happy Christmas!

Litchi said...

I missed your call!! Bugger! I can't see any sign of it on my cell- must confirm that you have the correct number! The Poinsettia was awesome..oh, spell check tells me there's no 't' in the 'point' part.woops.

Val said...

That 'set' pic of the cocktail is so pretty! Great self portraits.
Merry, merry Christmas!
too funny ... the verification word for this comment is 'thrinst' and read quickly, I thought it said 'thirst'! Would have been appropriate for the blog post! :)

Charleen said...

Hi, have just found your blog and felt I had to say HELLO. Weird how I feel no guilt about reading stangers blogs but find myself feeling guilty reading yours - does that make sense? Hope you don't mind me popping in every now and then, it's one of my after school pleasures - reading a few bookmarked blogs. Your photographs are lovely! Charleen xx

Litchi said...

Charleen!! Hello! Of course I don't mind! But I must ask..how the hell did you find me? *tries not to sound paranoid*

It would be an honour to be added to your blog roll ..reading blogs is one of my after school pleasures too...and before school, for that matter ;-P