all that i want

 So. A week of my holidays has passed and what have I done with my time?
I've read. Tons.
I've tried not to eat too much shit..and largely failed.
I've shopped.
And I made some bags.
It's been good. : )

 You see paw pads, I see chocolate coated raisins
And, lastly, two little bits of festive spirit.
The first is the most chilled out and gorgeous rendition of Silent Night I've ever heard. Mahalia Jackson remixed by King Kooba.

The Weepies' All That I Want...


Val said...

Wow - the bags look fantastic! Well done!! Just adored the photo of one 'M' in the bag and was blown away by the Weepies. Thanks for that.

Sam said...

Kittie in a bag! Chocolate coated raisins! Too cute. And yum. As for your bags - they are gorgeous! Like your pics. You're just to damn creatively talented, you know that?

Can't say that version of Silent Night was up my alley, but The Weepies? Most definitely. At least that song certainly was... :)

Litchi said...

Kitty-in-bag moments are commonplace here- my camera is constantly primed and at the ready.
Glad you like the Weepies! Sweet isn't it? I think it has a very Southern Hemisphere Christmas feel.