As the school year winds down to a close I can afford to be sentimental and mushy about my chosen profession. Knowing that there are precisely ten more days of school left before we all pack up and head off for the beaches gives everything in the classroom a kind of rosy glow.

I sit on the desk and swing my legs and indulge in why I went into this profession in the first place. A chance to see the world through a child's eyes. To look at everyday things with a naivety and enthusiasm that only a child can. I'm constantly peppered with silly stories, tall tales and age-old knock knock jokes (9 year
olds love those) and I am able to face them all with this benevolent smile on my face.
Nothing can phase me now. Ten more days.

And then freedom!

We threw out the boring, politically correct syllabus and spent last week talking and writing about super heroes. I mean, puleeze! What nine year old wants to learn about clouds and wind and how water is filtered?!


Anonymous said...

:o) Lovely post. Kinda makes me think that perhaps I should be working at a place with 9 year olds instead of 19 year olds. Most of them think they are superheroes and it always seems to be a bit late to try and tell them otherwise! LoL.


Litchi said...

Thanks Sam!
I don't know how you do it, to be honest. It's best to get them before the hormones kick in, I think.
Thanks for the comment. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh these are such lovely insights into your life. Please keep them up.
Look forward to future posts.