Meandering with mom

My mom and I have discovered a mutual passion. Photography. Because of this we can now spend an entire weekend together without bickering. After hunkering down amongst the strawberries in Mooiberg for far longer than anyone should (without pinching even one!) trying to get that perfect shot of the scarecrows, we trundled off to Stellenbosch.
Ahhh...Stellenbosch how we love thee!
So many little photo opportunities we didn't quite know what to do with ourselves!

We'll be baaack.


Val said...

How delightful!! Both your photos and the narration! Us - bicker? :)
It WAS wonderful fun. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well clearly you took some photos! :) But great that the two of you enjoy it so much. I so need to get myself a camera and start taking pics. Everywhere.