The Last Week

Five days to go. I think there's nothing nicer in this world than break-up day. And teachers get to experience the thrill, the wildness, the sheer exhilaration of it every year.
Lucky us. This is payback for a job that, any other day in the school year is as demanding as that of an air traffic controller. So said some successful, celebrity-type ex-headmaster earlier this year when he gave an auditorium of Catholic teachers some strategies on how to manage discipline in the classroom. It stuck in my mind and I've been using it to dazzle anyone within earshot since then.
However, I've just tried Googling 'most stressful jobs' and am bitterly disappointed. In Ireland, it seems teachers only came fourth..after traffic wardens, vehicle clampers and voluntary workers!
In 2006, the BBC News reports that librarians suffer the most stress. Helloo?
All fellow teacher-librarians out there...much respect, dudes!

All that aside. I will be saying farewell to another class of nine- year olds. At the end of my first year I swore I'd never get so attached to my kids again.
But after a year of being mom, nurse, guide, cheerleader and friend who would not get a lump in their throat at that last hug goodbye?
Certainly not me.

Carpe diem, little ones!

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Wonderful observations and captured images. Good blog!