zat you santa claus?

It's funny the way the muse works.
One little thing sparks off an idea which blossoms into this great big itch and before you know it you're in Fabric City drooling over bolts of fabric, spending all your hard-earned cash. Well, that's how it works for me anyway.

These little vintage ornaments I found on Etsy.

Plus this homey quilt by Posie.
And you've got the makings of the next quilt (and it's got your name on it, Mom).

And because we're having such a lovely cool and wet summer (what the hell are holidaymakers in the Cape doing with themselves?) I'm in the mood for endless measuring and cutting. My fave holiday movies are in a little stack in front of the DVD, a jazzy, retro Christmas playlist is on my hard drive (plus anything I can find from Treme) and I just have to find a way to get the kittehs out the flat.

Stay cool, don't fight over parking spaces and try not to panic buy.
Happy Holidays : )

Zat you Santa Claus?- Louis Armstrong 

 Santa's Second in Line- New Birth Brass Band


Sam said...

Ooh, those are lovely ornaments. So much classier than the plastic stuff we get today. We still have some of those types of baubles that we've had forever, but they still go onto the tree!

Your holiday plans sound heavenly! And good luck with getting the cats outside... heh

Val said...

Just loved the photos!! And those ornaments (one of which looks exactly like what was on the tree in years gone by).
Loved the music *and* the look of the future quilt!! :)