the charisma wrists

Well, as Boxing Day (or Family Day as it’s now known here) draws to a close, the smell of braaied lamb chops wafts over from next door and the guy upstairs has his Johnny Clegg CD going at full volume. The night air is warm and I can hear kids playing hide-and-seek (always better in the dark!) and although we might bemoan the fact that we'll never get to experience frost nipping at our toes let alone a white Christmas, it feels good to celebrate the festive season in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the spirit of Christmases past the family had the annual photo session after a splendid meal (and cocktails and schnapps ...and Steve’s homebrewed Canadian pale ale) and it was fun. Perhaps not as...rockin' as in previous years but a six week old in our midst required a bit more decorum.  
Our group name this year? The Charisma Wrists! 

 Fortunately,  the little man was in the middle of a most satisfying snooze so he could be manhandled without any protestations.
Well, most of the time. 

What a boytjie.
ETA- More pics up in Flickr

Stagger Lee- Lloyd Price 


Val said...

Oh gorgeous!! Just lovely. As was the day - full of love and happiness.
Am dying to see the rest. :)
Merry Charisma Wrist!! LOL!

Litchi said...

I'll upload some more in Flickr now.
Some nice close-ups of Nick!

stevemeri said...

Those are very cute. The one of Steve holding Nick's head is my favourite, love it! Thanks again :) Charisma Wrist - clever!

Jaframity said...

I haven't peeped in here for such a long time, Lee. Shame on me! Your photography is a joy to linger over and your links are always worth following. I've had such an enjoyable time wandering where your muse has led me. I must make you a regular pit-stop once again.

Warmest wishes to you for 2012.

Jackie (ex Jxx, lemon-queen, MM, etc)

Litchi said...

Jackie! What a wonderful blast from the past...so to speak ;-P
I'm thrilled you popped in...and that you actually found my poor excuse for a blog entertaining! Lol

As you may have noticed, some ex KB folk, Sam (Catsbycat)and Jocelyn, also meander in and out every now and then. Thanks so much for commenting! *hugs*