hell of a season

A week into one of the worst heatwaves I can remember and we're all gatvol. Tips on how to stay cool can be heard on radio, in staff rooms and at the supermarket and I think I've just about tried them all. They all work for about a half an hour, until whatever was wet, dries.

I was at the beach just after five this morning in a desperate attempt to catch a coolish breeze or two...and I wasn't alone. You can see the heat in these pics!!
Urgh. Fast forward to winter!

Hell of a Season- The Black Keys - El Camino 2011


Val said...

Fabulous captures! And you are right - the heat is evident in the pics.
Just love the collages too. Excellent work. :)

Sam said...

Beautiful light on the wet sand! And how perfectly scary that you need to be up at 5 just to get some respite from the heat :(

stevemeri said...

The last one is my favourite :)