eggnog..and a new little elf

Yesterday was Eggnog Day. The day Steve plies us with Cyril’s boozy eggnog and we put up mom’s tree and lights and decorations. And get plastered in the process.
 It was wonderful, as always.

Warning: Cuteness overload.

 Naughty and Nice. 

Saint Nick. 

 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas- Michael Buble -2011


Val said...

Oh my - that is definitely cuteness in buckets. Stunning Leanne - absolutely stunning captures. How can one fail to be blown away by it all. What a fab day - our Eggnog Day 2011. :)

stevemeri said...

Nick looks so grown up looking at the lights :) Great photos again!

Sam said...

Cuteness overload indeed! Little guy in his Santa hat :) Beautiful pics as always.