hey baby!

More little pics of the little man while I play around with this cool little photo app I bought. It turns out it's lotsa fun to cheapen photos from a R10 000 camera and lens.

He doesn't mind, really. As long as he's had his lunch, a good burp or two and a nice, juicy ...erm...number two a half an hour after that. He feeds, he sleeps, he poos and he's utterly gorgeous doing all three.

 And of course. The kittehs. Lest they begin to feel they're being neglected.

'Hope You Know'-by Megafaun


Val said...

Oh gorgeous! What a cool app!! Just love the effect you got on that last one of Minnie. Stunning.
Nice captures all of them! :)

stevemeri said...

Those are very cool! I love them all especially the one of you and Val looking adoringly at Nick :) Some great ones of you at last!