and then there were three

 On Monday morning, 14 November 2011, the Little Man was born.
And guess what? 

 He's perfect.  
He waves his little starfish fingers around and graciously accepts a considerable amount of fawning from his adoring fans.
Just perfect.
Laura Veirs - Why Oh Why - Tumble Bee 2011


Sam said...

Back from the Parlotones - awesome! I managed to get online - also awesome! But most awesome? Your lovely photos of wee Nicholas :) Love the one of the adult feet with his tiny shoes. And the big yawn. He looks like a sleepy little guy! *g*

Hoorah for the new son/grandson/nephew! Letting the spoiling commence.

stevemeri said...

The most perfect baby ever born! We are so in love with him. A week old today! You managed to capture so many of his facial expressions. I love the hands shot :)

Val said...

Perfect indeed! But with parents like his, what else would one expect? Gorgeous captures Lee. Just love the way Steve mimics his expression all the time. Can imagine his mouth opening when he gets to spoon feeding him!! :)

Charleen said...

Congratulations Aunty Leanne and all the Testers!
Such sweet pics.

Litchi said...

@Sam -- yes, the spoiling will have to be oh-so-carefully rationed! Don't want to overdo it now. *coughs*

@Meri - I was fascinated by the way he moves his little hands around!

"Can imagine his mouth opening when he gets to spoon feeding him!! :)"
@Val- heh. I'll have to try and get a pic of that!

@Charleen - hey there! Yep, as you can tell, we're all completely gaga over this little babe.