winter cats

 Winter sun. It's lovely. You can lie in it without frying.

But, we've had enough of it now. Bring on the rain and a good old Cape winter storm please!
Preferably not while I'm at the HOD meeting in Khayelitsha on Tuesday though, thanks.

Blitzen Trapper - American Goldwing

Metronomy- The Look


Sam said...

Oh boy, I so agree with you about winter sun. Think I get more vitamin D in winter than I ever do in summer! Freezing at the moment though... I see your be-socked foot is much loved :)

Hope the storm held off for your meeting!

Val said...

Well you managed to hold off the rain - but it has been nice, although cold, these past few days. The garden is loving it but doubt whether the cats are! Great photos. They look so content. :)