hope valley, monsters and feel good songs

There's nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a project. I'm still amazed that I actually do finish these things. I remember sewing classes at school. I loved them. The boys would all go off to woodwork (or wherever - I could never be bothered to find out) and the girls all sat and sewed little crosses on pieces of red or blue gingham and chattered about ...stuff...the most recent episode of Magnum maybe. I loved it! But I never, EVER finished any of my needlework projects. The knitted Boogaloo? Nope. The hessian wall hanging? Uh uh. The simple skirt in high school? No way.  How the hell did I get to this point then? Well, my parents must have blithely ignored all signs of needle impairedness 'cause they got me a sewing machine for my 21st birthday. I taught myself to sew T-shirts and skirts using a kindly neighbour's Burda magazines and sewed my own clothes through college and the first few years of teaching when money was tough and the dress code more formal than it is now. I still miss my long, swishy four panel skirts - wish I hadn't thrown the pattern away! So I'm always especially chuffed and not a little surprised when I get to complete a quilt.
 This is my Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabric quilt. The design is mine but heavily influenced by her modern strips of random lengths. I tried a reversible backing effect but won't do anything as detailed next time as sometimes there are four layers of material to stitch through- too thick for neat, tiny stitches. And bloody painful on the fingers!
 I love it. 
The other project finished and klaar is a little family I grew rather fond of. And I wasn't the only one.
These guys are now happily settled into their new home but don't be too surprised if there are new additions to the family- They are too much fun to make! Rebecca Danger designed the patterns and the one I used can be found here if the spirit moves you. Incredibly easy but don't over stuff as the final crotch sewing bit is not.fun. And practice your satin stitch first.
 In the spirit of NPR's All Songs Considered blog's latest theme of Songs that Make you Feel Good here are some of mine. And what are your favourite feelgood songs?

 Give It- Lambchop
 Radio King - Golden Smog  
Magic - Pilot  
Livin' Thing- ELO
 Late in the Evening- Paul Simon  
Bennie and the Jets - Elton John

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Val said...

A lovely chatty blog! Well done again on your fabulous quilt. It certainly looks fabulous on yout couch and, of course, those delightful monsters. Each one has it's own personality. Love them!