three little pots

So I spent the last few days of my hols redecorating. I learned that my little passage only needs three (ok, that was a bit of a push- next time I'll do it with four) little 250ml test pots of paint, coming to a grand total of R70. As the smallest tin I could have them mix up was 5litres at R450 a pop allow me to do my Jack Black stick-it-to-the-man pose. Heee!

Bummer that all three pics have a slightly different hue but the first pic is pretty acurate. The colour is Plascon's 'Bottlenose' - a greyish, greenish blue. I had planned on going much darker but it didn't look that great. I suppose because it's quite a dark little passage already.  I really, really wanted to make the skirting boards white. Think how cool that would look! But as the rest of the flat has white walls I thought it would be rather a waste. I like the dark stain against the white.
 I also painted the book case. Bad lighting resulted in not the best of photos but you get the idea.  : )

PS- The blue scrunchy seen in various positions on the floor is a cat toy, just in case you think I like to fling it around. ;-P
Foo Fighters- Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners

Joni Mitchell- California


stevemeri said...

I LOVE IT!!! Wow, what a change. It looks fantastic! I love the bookshelf too, who would have thought... Your books great on it, weird thing to say but they seem to become more of a feature :)

Val said...

Gorgeous!! Yep it certainly makes a difference. Love the bookcase too AND your colour co-ordinated covers (or where they like that before and I just didn't notice. It all looks fab - well done :)

Jocelyn said...

OCD much? Well, I see those pins on Pinterest has rubbed off on you. Well done on the paint job and that bookcase is awesome.

Cat toy huh? Could have fooled me!

Litchi said...

Glad you like the new decor!
Am loving the dark passage walls -especially now that it won't show kitty paw prints : )As for the book case....yes, I did arrange some books by colour (as seen on Pinterest)but, OCD? Oh good grief no!!Lol
And yes, J, hair scrunchies make the best cat toys. I buy a pack every month or so cause they get all furry and yukky from all that tossing around.