meri gets a quilt

Well.....it's been a while. *blushes*

I've been busy sewing mostly. I have also read more ebooks than I'd care to admit and have spent other bits of my time watching two most excellent new TV series namely, The Killing and Game of Thrones ...with a bit of old Australian Master Chef thrown in.

Meri took delivery of her quilt today and I loved how it looks on her!Lol
I hope it gives plenty of warmth and good snuggle value for years to come.
Most of the material is from Moda's Pure range, imported via Etsy - love the way all the patterns and colours just work together! Pure grace, pure joy, pure happiness.....

And now I've been playing around with my new batch of material from Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley range. Love love love it so much I've decided to design my own quilt this time. And seeing as it's for moi I feel I can afford to experiment a wee bit ;-P

Of course, this is not easy with two curious kitties hell bent on going under whatever is on the floor. What is it with these cats?

Till next time : )

Jack White - The Rose with a Broken Neck- Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi -my album of the year so far!!!


Sam said...

Another gorgeous piece of work, Lee! Love the colours on this one too with the blues, browns and whites. Nice to hear that you're making the next one for yourself though. I reckon once it's done the cats will still be all over and under it... :)

Val said...

Just gorgeous! Think the photos taken outside came out really well. The lighting was just right too.
Well done - excellent work and look forward to seeing the next one. :)

stevemeri said...

I LOVE my quilt and tested its snuggling power as soon as I got home :) It matches our bedrrom perfectly and works brilliantly on the couch too!

Litchi said...

Thanks guys!
Meri- so glad it works in your home. I still haven't decided on the design for the next one. Having too much fun moving bits about ;-)

Barbara said...

Really lovely quilt! Your work is fantastic!!