magpies of the world unite!

My lounge (and a part of the kitchen) is strewn with pieces of material.

Bits from my quilt, bits for monster toys and a crib quilt for baby Tester, bits from my scarf and other odds and ends that I might need...just in case. The magpie in me is in heaven (as are the cats) - the more responsible me is thinking about the mess some might call it...and the inevitability of having to clean it up at some stage.

 I'm very inspired by all things Denyse Schmidt at the moment. Her prints are pretty awesome and I lurve, lurve lurve her quilts. I love her colour combinations and the designs themselves are modern - nothing fussy and garish.

 I'm working on a quilt based on her Hope Valley range. I loved the greens and yellows and didn't want to mix them with the pinks and oranges so I tried a reversible effect.
Now I know why it's not done more often--in some places it's too bloody thick to sew teeny tiny stitches!  Doh.

The other Denyse Schmidt project I've been working on is the scarf from her book. Not using any of her fabrics- just bits of tweed and herringbone (surprisingly soft!) and silks and cottons pieced any which way. I'd love to try cushion covers like this.

 Oh lordy..this photoshoot was interesting.
Dolorean - Country Clutter

The Nu Page- A Heart is a House


stevemeri said...

It's the perfect 'mess' for the June/July holidays :)
I have new respect for you and your quilting after doing my simple quilt. Not sure I'll be attempting another... I am happy with it though :)

Litchi said...

You're finished already?! And you don't want to do another one? Aww!
Can't wait to see it!

Jocelyn said...

Awesome, Lee. You're Photoshopping FOR REAL! And the cats must be loving all that warmth. I know Luca does, he snuggles next to me when I'm knitting.

And Miss Tester, do you now have a tripod?

Litchi said...

Yeah...you know? It is a bit like a photoshopped collage...wish I could finish it off with a few pretty brushes and a nice font or two. Lol. Maybe not. I do have a tripod and I should have used it to do the scarf shoot. It would have been a helluva lot easier let me tell you. I used the nearby chair method instead.
As for the cats...just be grateful you don't knit anything big enough for your Luca to hide under. : /

Val said...

Am battling to get my commments through. I send one yesterday.
Anyrate thought your scarf was brilliant and am dying to see it AND the quilt soon. :)