sock season

It's finally cooling down enough to wear the socks!

 Well.....at least the mornings and evenings are cool.

Cool enough to wear the gorgeous socks my mom knitted me for Christmas! Woot!

Check out the almost dead plants.

Even the succulents are looking haggard.

We've all had it up to here with the heat.

Get outta here now, Summer. Scram! Give us a chance to cuddle under quilts (and sew one or two), make lamb curry and bean soup and feel the weight of an actual blanket in bed at night.  

June Hymn - by The Decemberists

Summer Days- by Radio Citizen

Winter Moon- Hoagy Carmichael


Val said...

Looking cool! Bring on winter ditto!
The cats seem to approve anyway - lovely winter coats on the way and no sitting under the fan ... instead snuggling up under the blankets.
Glad to socks look so good. Nice pics!

Jocelyn said...

I owe you a pair of hand-knit socks. I have not forgotten. Where does your Mom buy sock yarn? I dye them btw just in case she is interested.

Litchi said...

Lol- I had forgotten, J!My mom gets her yarn from suppliers in Etsy- mostly from the US, I think. It still works out a bit pricey but there's far more variety. What we have here is, well, just pathetic.
I'll remind her to check out your yarns! ;-P

Sam said...

Lovely socks and lovely kitties! Looks like they like the socks just as much as you :)

Haven't made any lamb curry yet, but we are having tomato soup for supper tonight!