cabernet cottage

How do you celebrate a 70th birthday?

You spend a weekend with family in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch.
You eat lunch at a beautiful wine estate.

You immerse yourself in Stellies culture, food and music.

Then you head for a  self-catering cottage to beat all self-catering cottages in the estate of JC Le Roux, no less.

You spend the rest of the day playing with your new iPad, drinking wine from said estate and eating gourmet boerewors.With truffles nogals.

Not a bad way to say hello to a new decade methinks. ;-P Happy Birthday Ma!

More pics to follow in Flickr. 
PS- The polaroidy pics were taken with the Vignette app on Steve's Android phone. Damn. I want me one of those!

Feist & Little Wings- Look at What the Light did Now

The Decemberists- June Hymn


Val said...

Lovely weekend and lovely photos! Thanks to you all for giving me a weekend and birthday I will never forget. :)

Sam said...

Gorgeous photos Lee! Especially those skyscapes - such an African sky, it just goes on for miles and miles. And the spot you stayed looks lovely and peaceful and very restful. Just the job for a weekend away.

Litchi said...

@ Val- We have to go back soon!
@ Sam - The clouds were very obliging on both days.
Thanks ladies:)