I know it's not really fair that I reappear, for the first time in months, to make what will basically be a Heat Rant but, I cannot deny that the heat...and ants...are the bane of my existence at the moment.
I'm sure I'm at least 5kg's lighter than when last I posted. When one first breaks out into a sweat at 09:00 in the morning and doesn't really stop until after 7 ...there has to be some kind of loss there, right? So maybe the daily 15:30 Bar One King Cone at the 7Eleven on the way home from school kinda balances things out a bit.....who can tell?
All I can say is that I'm tired. Tired of the heat and the wind and the humidity. Today the temp was 36 Degrees Celsius with the humidity at 93%...WTF?!
Give me a break.

There is nothing better than, at the end of a long, hot and sweaty day to sit with eReader in one hand and glass of vino in the other, feet plunged in a bucket of coolish water....watching the sun set and listening to the sounds of the neighbours settling in for the night.
It's not all bad, I suppose.

And the weather is starting to turn. The mornings are darker.
That's about it.
Warm, dark mornings. Woohoo.

Pray for the cool, peeps. Pray for some cool.


Crying in the Chapel Dub

Codex- Radiohead

Love is Won- Lia Ices

Peaceful -by Ray Conniff

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Val said...

Brilliant! Having a right royal chuckle before retiring into a warm/hot bed!! Just love the pics - especially the feet in the bucket, the glass of wine, the eReader and the flash of thigh! The bucket in that last shot could so easily be mistaken for a pool if you had not revealed that classic earlier shot! :) Sleep cool!