smells like scotland

After an anxious 20 minutes watching an unsympathetic post office official molest pack the quilt into a too small box (clearly not a quilt person) I had to say farewell to Sam's quilt.
And then the awful week of waiting, hoping, crossing all fingers and toes that the thing would get there in one piece. Actually, knowing our post office system, hoping that it would just get there.
Well, it arrived! Sam has it now. 
See how nice it looked on my couch?
It very nearly did not leave my little pad at all. 

See how the kitties loved it? They were all set to make it their very own bit of heaven. Perfect for cat caving.
Feline spelunking involves finding an opening to crawl under and then sitting, motionless in the dark, feeling...well, I'm not quite sure. Safe and snug? Quite possibly.
I also know that they secretly hope that someone initiates a game of Pounce while they're under there.
Because claws are involved in the game of Pounce this is around about the time I whip off the cat cave and fold it up.
Sam loves it. She also loves the way it smells. How wonderful is that!? It reminds her of her stay with family in Scotland. I could go on and on about the magic of smells and memory but that's a post for another day.
Tomorrow I face a new class of third graders. : ) Wish me luck
The Avett Brothers - Laundry Room


Val said...

it turned out beautifully and just love the photos. Think they are much more interesting than just hanging up on a wash line or wall. Fab!

Sam said...

It is absolutely fabulous, dahling! Thank you so much!

And um wow, it really does look good on your couch. Sorry!

Feline spelunking :) A noble, and time honoured activity. No cat hairs that I've notice! Just a lovely, lovely quilt that I keep wanting to sniff.

Lol said...

Wow, how good are you!! Your quilt is beautiful, colours gorgeous....shew!!!