two cats on a chair

 Last day of hols today. Tomorrow I'll be knee deep in meetings (sketching the first of many doodles in the new diary) catching up with colleagues and prettifying the classroom. I guess I should look at what I'm going to be teaching next week too. Urgh.
 No more afternoon naps.
 Well, for me anyway.

The Fleetwoods- Tragedy

Ray Lamontagne- This Love is Over

Diego Garcia -You were never there


Jocelyn said...

Aww, those two are the cutest! I'd love to snuggle up to them. Shame you're going back to work, but I bet you can't wait to get out of the house.

Val said...

Cute pics!! Just love the last one. Good luck with your early rising tomorrow and good luck for the 1st term. Hopefully you will have little darlings this year and no little devils to be found!! :)

Meredith said...

I got some books out today, slowly getting my mind back in the game... not quite as ready as you are. Home make-over has taken up too much time, it's just not fun anymore! I'll miss your regular posts when term starts :)

Litchi said...

@ Val and Jocelyn
Yeah- I'm going to miss those two when I'm back at work. They must be getting used to the sound of the shutter going because they barely flicked an ear the entire time.

Oh I wish I could promise that I'll keep blogging but I won't - cause I know how it gets. It sweet of you to say that though :D
Start practicing the Wicked Witch of the West scowls in that mirror!