birdies and hidden knots

This is the little lap quilt I made my mom for Christmas. I used one charm pack of Moda's Birdsong, a collection designed by Kathy Schmitz. I knew the colours would work in her lounge and they do! Just a simple thing, really- place the squares where they look good and sew them all together.

I used the hidden knot! Whoot! Made two quilts (fortunately just for me) before I read that one never, ever leaves the knots at the back showing. Well, duh! So, all self-respecting quilts will from now on have their little knots well and truly covered. I sometimes look at my old two and feel a little guilty...no one wants their bits showing.

Can you tell I'm kinda sorta ready for the new school year to begin? In a week's time I'll feel differently, but honestly? It's time. There's only so much sewing, painting, NPR listening and reading a person can do.
I feel my brain begin to atrophy!

"We Got Love' by Drive-by Truckers, Eddie Hinton cover

PS- Quilt photoshoots are surprisingly difficult to do....now I know why most people just pin them up on a washing line or fence and snap them like that. Here are some of my faves.



Val said...

Nice! Especially the pool shots. :)

Jocelyn said...

Same problem with my knitted stuff! There's only so much of sticking your legs/feet up in the air to get that perfect photo of the dang socks on your feet!

Lovely quilt though - I can just picture your mom snuggling under it with a book or her knitting! :)