2011 rumbles in ....but it's alright

On a day very reminicent of New Years day two years ago I crawled out of my terribly anti-social cave and wandered down to good old Strand beach to mingle with the masses.
It was much cooler this time and the rain kept falling in big random drops every now and then but the weird weather didn't seem to worry anyone.

 Then, suddenly, the big random drops became less and less random and things got darker. 
Too dark to even see the obvious blobby bits on my lens. Damn.
 Suspicious minds might see this as a bad sign. Not a great way to start a new year. But I say, at least the bloody wind wasn't blowing.
 Here's to a cool, calm and collected year.
 Regardless of what life throws at you may you always find a lovely view, a comfy bench and a friend or two to share it with.

Happy New Year everyone!
PS- Check my flickr for more later

Nina Simone -Here Comes the Sun


Val said...

Beautiful all of them!! Sets the mood really well. Great job. And the last one on the bench is really delightful.

Val said...

btw - forgot to mention ... I love your new blog look! :)

Jocelyn said...

A day at the beach is the perfect way to start off a new year! Those clouds look ominous but you know what they say; there's always a silver lining in there somewhere. Happy 2011, Lee!

Sam said...

Love the photos, especially the first two with the dark clouds and the couple in the white and turquoise. But of course, you know that sort of weather is right up my alley...