rain and a missing battery

It rained all day today.
Some were more pleased than others.

The downside to a rainy weekend is that the kitty litter tray gets wet and pongy far too quickly and that two couped up cats give cabin fever a whole new name. They've been terrorising a lost and lonely gecko on my bedroom ceiling for the past few days. Laying down a fresh scattering of catnip at the scratch post did not help. Whoever said catnip is like dagga for cats is lying- I don't see mellow at all.
Another downside to Cape winters and stormy nights is that it's prime time for car burglars. Some fuckers stole my new car battery the other night. They also politely took my kids test books out my canvas bag and used it to cart away said battery. Thank you for not chucking the books in the rain, guys. Real considerate.

Beck - 'Ramona'-Scott Pilgrim vs. The World OST

ETA- Had to add this. Thanks Sam!


Val said...

Brilliant pics! Beautifully captured bored Max. And that video is so, so true. :)

Lol said...

Beautiful pics Lee! Sorry about your battery dude, hope it packs up in its new home VERY SOON on a dark and dangerous road !~

Sam said...

Polite rat fink burglars? Only in SA. Bastards. But as always your cat pictures are just lovely - such a happy face!

I'm also delighted to have been instrumental in introducing you to Simon's Cat. All cat owners should watch Simon's Cat :)