still here

I'm still here.

Just very busy with school, quilts, growing my Anthony Bourdain No Reservations collection, listening to the Anna Pigeon series on audiobooks and, when the weather's been good, doing a bit of gardening. 

Moocheling and footcheling you might say...but in the most creative way.

The Books - ' Free Translator'


Val said...

Yeah! You're back and Happy Birthday!!! Gorgeous pics. Look forward to seeing the garden in all its springtime glory.
LOVE the last photo.

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday!
These are great photos, feel relaxed just looking at them. Keep posting, it's good for all of us :)

Sam said...

Your cats really are super photogenic! And they clearly enjoy the garden - thus, therefore and hence it is your duty to keep your garden gorgeous and lush. Just for them! ;o)