little secrets

I had the camera out this afternoon. 
I still can't resist anything this shade of red.

Anything red + rare botanical illustration = beeauutiful.
I so want to buy this.

Your secret from Jean-Sebastien Monzani on Vimeo.


Jocelyn said...

Can't blame you - that is an amazing shade of red! How are you? Miss you so much. Hope you and the kitties are well.

Sam said...

And when you bought it, what would you do with it? :)

Love those pics with the reds, especially the dish - who'd have thought that a dish in the sink with water and some spoons could so aesthetically pleasing?

By the way, I also really like those old style nature illustrations - flowers, birds, sea life. They're all great.

Val said...

Wonderful reds! Including, of course, that shot of Min on the red stripes. :) Such a cutie.

Lol said...