green pears....

...and, damn these forelles take forever to ripen! A snippet of spruce picked up in Banff main road -no longer luminous and sadly shedding. And some mint tea (courtesy of the Fairmont Hotel).

What more could one want on a gorgeous winter's day? A little rain to go with the sun maybe. I had to water the garden yesterday. Ridiculous for the beginning of August.
 I bought this cute little piggy bank in Banff- decoupaged with delightful Canadian stamps and snippets.  Love at first sight. I pretty much hugged him close to my bosom all the way down the Rockies and back to Cape Town.
I'm incredibly inspired by pale blues, greens and golden tones at the moment...so much so that I've ordered these prints from Cricket Press.

And then I've ordered Sam's quilt fabric.
 Oh good Lord.

The Middle East- 'Blood'

And one more for luck.
Beautiful video.
Laura Marling- 'Rambling Man'


Jocelyn said...

There you are! Was about to send a search party out for you. You're enjoying winter I take it? That decoupaged pig is gorgeous.

Val said...

Sam's quilt will be fabulous! Wow - gorgeous selection. Love your still life pics. :)

Sam said...

Gorgeous colours in your pics, gorgeous prints that you've bought - I really do like them! - and why, isn't that just gorgeous quilt material? ;o) Lol. I have to say that I'm quite glad the colours I chose are in your realm of fancy at the moment - a fortuitous circumstance methinks.

Can you tell I've been listening to Restraint...? *cough*

Litchi said...

@Jocelyn- yep- still here! If I do vanish, send the search party to British Columbia. I'll be there in amongst the pines.... :D
@mom- Thank you!
@Sam -Most fortuitous! *g*