quilts & clementines

The Bloody Quilt is finished! And no one can be more thankful than yours trully. It's been two years since I started it and never once did I pack it away. It's been in the lounge, colonised by the cats in it's unfinshed state for too flippin' long. I'm a bit sick of it now, to tell the truth.
Anyway, Sam- you wanted pics? Here are a few.

See the stitches on the top?
By hand, dears....I have the pin pricked fingers to prove it.
But the thing is...it's kind of addictive. It's very zen.
When I sew, I sew.

Take a moment to appreciate how hard it is putting material down on any surface in my house without it being commandeered by a cat. When I started my second quilt ( yes, yes) the only way I could keep them away from the sandwiching stage was to bring out the vacuum cleaner. Within two secs they were outside cowering in the bushes. Hehehe
I'm calling this the Canada quilt because the greens and blues in it were bought in Vancouver. Nice little souvenir, don't you think?

ETS- More Canada pics up in Flickr
Joanna Newsom -'Does Not Suffice'


Sam said...

I certainly did ask to see some pics so thank you! It's just lovely - as is the new one you're starting. Love the colours and of course seeing these just justifies our wee request... *g* I think it's great that the cats want to help. You know, they're so useful in times like these. Heh.

Val said...

Sorry I missed this post! Mind you I saw the originals last week and the photos do them justice! They are lovely and can't wait for the second one to be finished. Bought a thimble yet? :)

Lol said...

Sooooo beautiful Lee! Worth the 2 years, bleeding fingers and guilt! Stunning!