in which we explore The Suitcase

I had a bit of a warm-up session today .
I opened the suitcase the cats had been gagging to explore and practised packing.
Some had more fun than others.
I realised I don’t have many T-shirts that don’t look like they’ve survived a hot summer (or two).
Hope the Canadians don’t mind.
The next blog will hopefully be posted on a continent far, far away....
Far. Away.
Like, a day's traveling (actually more) and nine hours behind SA time away.
Wish us luck peeps.
See you soon!

Seu Jorge & Almaz- 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine'


Val said...

Oh too cute! Wish you could pack them to take with us! :) Wonder what smells Minnie smelt on the label? Remants of the south of France, perchance?

Charleen said...

Have a FABULOUS time!!!
Surprised you didn't do a World Cup post.
Cats are as cute as ever. Sure they would be doing more than just sniffing the suitcase if they knew it was taking you away.

Sam said...

Kitties!! Always gotta explore the suitcases :) Lol at Max in the suitcase - they're so predictable.

Um, have I told you I'm jealous? Yeah, might've... but have an absolutely wonderful time!

Charleen said...

ready, steady, go...
hope you've had a good trip over.

Jocelyn said...

Okay, so where in the world are you now?

Wherever it is....just ENJOY!