about packing...

I'm thinking about packing. A lot.
And about what I need to tell Heidi, the cat sitter.
Like how to work the temperamental washing machine.
And where to find my movie stash. And where to put the trash.
I'm also worrying about how I'm going to carry all my geeky tech stuff. 
Like the iPod, Kindle, Netbook, camera, external hard drive (for photo storage ,RAW files are HUGE) 
and I imagine I'll be worrying about them every step of the journey.
Traveling must have been far simpler in the days of sketchbooks and postcards.

So I guess you can say I'm more worried than excited at this point.

PS- Adding sketchbook to the To Pack list. Speaking of which, anyone who loves making lists
and mind maps would be fascinated by this online application. My mom and I have been using it to plan the trip and it's a-ma-zing!

Bird and the Bee - 'I can't go for that' (Hall and Oats cover)

Oh, and what the hell, I love this album so much here's another track...
'One on One' from "Interpreting the Masters volume 1: A tribute to Hall and Oates."


Val said...

Minnie is so photogenic!! Lovely expressions! Yeah I am also thinking about packing but getting nowhere fast. :)

Litchi said...

It's actually Max under the table but still cute, I agree.
The cats are trying to use the suitcase as a scratching post....:-/

Jocelyn said...

Love the photos, love the thought of you being all geeky on this trip. When's D-day?

Charleen said...

Right...focus, make those lists - lists are good, and start packing!!!
The organising and planning is always one of the best parts of a holiday and you definitely seem to having fun with it. xx

Litchi said...

D-Day's June 16- almost a week away now. If I had a vuvuzela I'd blow it.