Day 3- Vancouver.....

Also known as the day we walked ourselves stukkend.

 The buildings are a wonderful mix of grunge and modern sophistication - old brick side by side with blue-tinted glass scultures. Parts are pretty rundown but I love that old tenement look- so different to the buildings back home. Why, oh why did they have to tear down so many of Cape Town's old buildings?

Wait! A shebeen!? Soccer!? 

The arrows led to a pub filled to the brim with English supporters singing with typical fervor ten minutes before the match was due to start. Goosebumps moment. We spent the morning in historic Gastown, not too far from our hotel and then made our way across the city to Granville Island Market. 
Loved these two guys- the geek pal was downloading music. 

Ack! Must dash!!!Gotta check out of this hotel and do the mad wheely suitcase dash across the city to our next hotel. 
Cheers for now :)


Jocelyn said...

Gee whiz! I can imagine the whole airport metal detector going off thing. You and your gabillion rings! I can just picture it. LOL. Glad to know you survived the flights and made it to Canada - that is half the battle. Now go and enjoy and take the camera off your face from time to time.

Charleen said...

Great start to your Canada trip, love the pics. Looking forward to what's to come.

Litchi said...

Thanks ladies- yeah, prying the camera off the face is easier said than done ;-) So much fun being able to upload the pics when an internet connection is available.