Day 6- Kamloops

The last two days have been silent because although we were in an incredibly larney and a touch intimidating hotel (the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver....) they did not offer free internet access!!! Shock horror!! Imagine my joy when I found that our lowly little hotel  in the middle of Kamloops has rather speedy wireless!
Our last day in Vancouver was spent up in the lush mountains - walking along the Capilano suspension bridge and going up Grouse Mountain. This was where many of the events for the winter Olympics were held. All these snow mobile type things sitting up there in the mist just begging for someone to pose on them.

Today we took the Rocky Mountaineer through the most beautiful mountain passes and river canyons to Kamloops. The weather wasn't that great but it hardly detracted from the experience. We've seen lots of huge eagles and ospreys - still hoping to spot a bear!

We're off at sparrow's fart tomorrow for Banff where we'll be staying for two days so hopefully will have more time to post something decent.
 On the ferry back to Vancouver....man, I love that city. I want my holiday home there when they've invented teleportation.

Cheers for now!


Jocelyn said...

I'm not a train person but man I can't wait to ride the Rocky Mountaineer!

Glad to hear you're having fun!

Sam said...

So. Have you put in an offer yet for that holiday home yet? ;o) Enjoying seeing the pics!