Day 2- Vancouver

Well, we're here. After 32 hours of flying or sitting in airports we're seeing the city through somewhat glazed eyes but it looks very Canadian. Logs floating in the harbour! Woot!
Two 9/10 hour flights one after the other leaves one feeling a bit silly but we've met some super people so far...all asking what we're doing here instead of staying home with all the World Cup celebrations. The vuvuzela was in all the Brit papers and today featured on the local Vancouver news as well. The announcer guy did say that they'd had the 'plastic horn' at their hockey matches for ages though. Huh! Doesn't he know it was never going to make any lasting impression with the name 'plastic horn'!?

Pics to follow when I can keep my eyes open


Sam said...

Lol! at 'plastic horn'. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as vuvuzela, does it?

32 hours travelling?! Urk - tiring stuff, but glad to hear you got there safely. Enjoy :)

Litchi said...

Ag man, these Canadians are so bloody friendly!!! They ALL want to talk about the soccer...and the 'plastic horn' invariably gets a mention. Tiring does not begin to describe it. Seriously considering taking some heavy drugs to get me through the return trip!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that you both arrived safely :) I am just looking forward to seeing lots of photos


Meredith said...

I'm loving the updates! Chat soon :)