you say systemic i say balsamic

Hello to whomever still has Spit the Pips in their blog feeder.
Thank you for your patience and loyalty :)
So, it’s been hectic, okay? I won't go into details. This is not one of those bare all blogs. Get your navel-gazing angst somewhere else, sunshine. I’ll just tell you that eight weeks is not enough to fit in all the teaching and assessing that has to be done this term. Bloody world cup soccer.
And if I get one more departmental notice wrt to the Grade 3 Systemic fucking Evaluation I'll scream.I will.
‘Nuff said.
On to the pics
As autumn sweeps the land with a rust coloured paintbrush and a delicious chill sets in, my school had its annual beach walk. Not the best weather for a two hour walk on the beach…..heads were kept low and mouths firmly shut but sand still found its way into every orifice. Needless to say, the long, blow-up slippery slide back at school (which was later ripped to shreds, costing us half of the profits made) proved to be the highlight of the day. 
Not taken at the Beach Walk but a sweet remnant from V Day that I couldn't leave out.

It felt good to have the camera out again but damn, I was a bit rusty on manual! 
Must polish up before Canada!
Which brings me to the subject of the next post.
And the reason for the barely restrained panic you might have picked up earlier.
In just over a month I set off on a little jaunt involving high suspension bridges,
train rides over rocky mountains and driving in a hired car on the wrong side of the road. 
With my mother. 
Anyone who says this is not an adventure sport holiday needs their heads checked.
Details to follow.

The Specials 'Ghost Town'--Omg, still love this song. What a classic!!!!


Val said...

Great post, great photos! :)
Looking forward to the next one!!

Charleen said...

Good to see you back!
Nevermind school, you have a holiday to plan for, all sounds very exciting. My dad's here on holiday at the moment.