uncapped and doodling

A week into the holidays and I'm finally starting to relax.
It always surprises me at how busy I can be. I'm much less slothful than I like to think.
I'll not bore everyone with a list of things (very boring, grownup things) I did this past week but let's just say I'm feeling sanctimonious.
To reward myself for conquering (well, sort of - still haven't got the plumbers in to fix the leaking loo, nor is my hair cut) my procrastinating ways- I've also been sitting in the mild autumn sunshine, listening to audio books, reading on the Kindle or doodling in my art journal.

My camera has been a bit neglected and, therefore, so has the blog. I'm sorry about that but I don't feel comfy blogging without at least one photo... 
Shall I blog about flipping the bird to a child in my class?(so vehemently I almost took out his eye, I might add)... If only I were brave enough.
Shall I blog about the Canada trip my mom and I are going to be taking in two months time!? Yes, abso-damned-lutely! Stay tuned.
Shall I blog about the foray into art journals (otherwise known as pretentious doodling)? Hmmmaybe.

On a side note, let me just add my shouts of joy and jubilation at finally having an uncapped ADSL line. About bloody time, is all I'm saying. My dream has finally been realised- I can now hook up the netbook onto my DVD home theater system and stream my beloved online radio throughout the whole flat. Yeehaaa.

I took a little drive to Sweetwell Butchery to buy something to roast on Sunday and this is what I saw on the way....
 Ladies picking green beans.
Yay for Autumn colours! 
This is my favourite time of the year in the Cape.
Tim Farrell - 'Little Martha'


Val said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous colours!! Specially like the last pic. Yeah for the uncapped broadband ... will follow shortly (hopefully!).
Would love to read your account of the bird flipping ... what is that again? :)
Nice one!

Charleen said...

Canada - how exciting. Loving the colours in your pics. Amazing light. After an Easter weekend on the Isle of Wight my holiday starts today - yippee!
Looking forward to hearing about your holiday plans. x