autumn arrives

It's starting to cool down now.
 Cape Autumns are great....except for the dry grass and pollens giving me constant hayfever....and the fact that geckos must love the cool evening air too because the cats have brought in at least six in the last two weeks. *shudder*
Good for the cats
bad for the geckos
and me.
I now walk around in sandals all the time...just in case I
step on the grizzly remains of some poor sucker-toed creature too stupid
to stay away from these walls.
My sweet kitties are now fully fledged killing machines.
On another note,
I'm currently reading 'Living the Creative Life' by Rice Freeman-Zachery and I'm itching for the holidays- hope the Muse decides to come and play ;-P
Also, I've just watched the first episode of The Pacific and it blew me away.
Another Spielberg/Hanks production (Band of Brothers) this has a great cast, stunning production and a soundtrack by Zimmer....what more could one want in a TV series?

Nina Simone 'Feeling Good'

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