sunrise and hijinx

Ok--so no Canada today cause, well.....the itinery is a wee bit up in the air. So to speak.
They've stuffed up the bookings and we apparently have seven extra days up in those Rockies and not a place to stay.....exciting stuff. Watch this space....

So, instead, a sunrise and some cat pics will have to suffice.

For a brief minute or two this is how the world looked this morning...
I took this standing outside my front door in my jammies.

And then while trying to doodle a baby card...
(!!squeee!!so close now Lauren!!)
.....she does this all the time.... 
I keep having to look under cupboards and beds for pens and scrunchies 
and basically anything that can be slid off the edge and onto the floor with a satisfying plunk.
Once it's on the floor it loses its appeal. Just lies there gathering dust bunnies. 

little minx
Brazos- 'Day Glo'


Jocelyn said...

Apparently I'm still impatient. Never mind the comments on Picasaweb then.

Minnie is just beautiful! About time you teach those cats how to use the Rebel. I want to see more photos of you!

Litchi said...

Hah!! And I'm still trying to work out how you saw those pics? Did they come up in Gmail?
Pics of meeee....hmm....*thinks*..
No can do.

Jocelyn said...

Gmail Buzz...

Val said...

Gosh those pics of Min are lovely. The one where she seems to take hold of the pencil. Super. Sorry I am late commenting. Only checked today.
Looking forward to your next one!