schnapp attack .... and a very merry christmas

We're not big drinkers. Honest.

I mean, my mom says she hadn't even heard of the word schnapps until four years ago.
And she pronounces it shnaps - without the authentic German 'a' and emphasis on the schhh part.

We started with cocktails - those pretty pink poinsettias again.
These were accompanied by a Meeru slideshow by the end of which mom and I were seriously ready
to whip out the suntan lotion and goggles and catch the first Emirates plane out of here.
Eat as much as you like? Check.
Hammocks swinging lazily between palm trees? Check.
Waiters in sarongs at your every beck and call? Check.
Crystal clear ocean sparkling in the tropical sunshine? Check and check.
Later, the schnapps was accompanied by a Meeru video. More twitching. Wondering if passport is still valid.

Look how tanned they are. Lucky buggers.
Grapefruit schnapps helps alleviate envy, did you know that?
It's worth keeping in mind.
It also brings on delusions of rock stardom.
That's how Schnapp Attack was born.

We do weddings, bar mitzvahs and Christmas parties.

PS- I wish to stress that it's not a nazi salute you see, but a peace sign.
See? We know the true meaning of Xmas.

Peace out.

Thanks to Bono and the boys for the pose.

'Christmas- Baby Please Come Home' - U2


Val said...

Brilliant Lee!! They came out really well. (Must remember to do the 'schhh... thing!)
A lovely day.

stevemeri said...

You are sooo good at this!!!
What a fun day! Thank you for listening to our endless tales, not to mention the photos etc.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great party! your photos are such fun!

Litchi said...

Lol...say schhhnupps.

It was a fun Xmas day... also known as the just-got-back-from-Meeru-party : )

Jocelyn said...

Judging by the first photo, I guessed you did have a great time! Lovely post, Lee - you are very good at this and should do it more often. Not the schnapss thing but the posting amazing blog entries and photos thing. :P

Litchi said...

Thanks Jocelyn *hugs*

I just don't always have the time or the inclination during the school term. I need to be relaaaxed...and maybe just a little schnapped. Heh

Charleen said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow - I LOVE IT. Such lovely photographs! Merry Christmas.

Sam said...

Ha ha!! Those are great! Looks to me like much schnapps was had by all *g*