moocheling & footcheling

Two perfectly wonderful words to describe the very fine and honourable act of doing bugger all.
God bless Roald Dahl.

He also writes .....
    ‘And then again, if it is a frotsy night and the giant is fridging with cold, he will probably point his nose towards the swultering hotlands to guzzle a few Hottentots to warm him up.’

     ‘How perfectly horrible,’ Sophie said.

     ‘Nothing hots a cold giant up like a hot Hottentot,’ the BFG said.

Not terribly PC, was our Roald.

I read this book to my grade 3's every year.
I explain that the word isn't used any more but we talk about the fact that there is, in fact, a high school, a hospital and a mountain with that name right on our very doorstep!
Imagine that.

This is Minnie moocheling.

As you can see by the pissed off expression on her face and shaved armpit, she is not a happy camper.

Short story...cat fight with the big fucker next door.

I tried, horribly unsuccessfully, to hide her antibiotics in various kitty treats including tuna, homemade chicken liver pate from the German speciality shop down the road (which I've all but polished off- yummmm) and salmon cream cheese (hidden in the depths of my freezer so that I don't polish it off too) ... ended up having to take her to the vet every day this week for an injection.

*sigh* Painful for both of us but, I have to say, a vet's waiting room is a surprisingly social place to hang out. Pet lovers are a gregarious bunch. I should imagine it must be like taking your toddler to a play date (or whatever those things are called) and having a whole bunch of moms all wanting to talk about kiddie things.

I think it must be exactly the same... The oohs and aahs and sympathetic clucks.

 The whining, the drooling.....the smells.


'Blue Skies'- Noah and the Whale


Val said...

That last pic is HYSTERICAL!!! She looks thoroughly fed-up with life! Hehehe! Good one Lee!

Charleen said...

Hope kitty feels better soon. While you're moocheling in the warmth, I'm moocheling in the freezing cold. We've got snow here.

Jocelyn said...

She looks positively bored. I hope she gets better soon. Where's Max?

Litchi said...

Minnie's much better, thanks. Phew!

@ Charleen -Our summer arrived late this year so I'm still at the soaking-up-the-sun stage..happy to give the snow a miss ...for now. ;-P

@Jocelyn - Max? He's spending his days in the shade under the lemon tree- alternately chasing bugs and snoozing.