let the music play

Please indulge.
My inner music geek needs to get out.
For those who do not know, music is, well...a huge part of my life. 

When I wasn't dreaming of drumming with The Police (and I think the fantasy actually involved sitting at the drums next to Stuart Copeland) I had the posters, the No. 1 music mags (and later, Q) and the highlight of my week was listening to Barney Simon and Keith Lindsey on 5FM. The Terrible Twins played that wonderfully subversive stuff like  Echo and the Bunnymen, The Sisters of Mercy and The Smiths. Did you know that Barney Simon has been inducted into the SA Rock Hall Of Fame? Cool.

 And really, little has changed since then.
Well, except for the posters.
Damn, I wish I could still cover a wall with pictures of pretty boys. : ) Music blogs on the net have replaced expensive British magazines and now I get to listen to online music radio ('cause what the hell happened to 5FM?!) - cool stations like KEXP  in Seattle and KCRW based in LA. So, to get to the point of this post. It's that time of the year when music geeks pour over albums and artists and songs and debate over who or what tracks could be narrowed down to the top ten. I couldn't stick to ten so here's my top fifteen!!
Go do the dishes, file your nails or check out another blog while I get this off my chest, ok?

PS- I'm trying out this music player thingy. If anyone does try it and it doesn't work let me know!

ETA- Ack!! Can't get it off autoplay! One sure way to get South Africans on a limited bandwidth off the site in seconds!
Sorry folks. Will just post link.

Also- anyone into music and guitars and rock gods has to get their grubby little paws on It Might Get Loud.
Stunning, stunning music doccie on three guitar legends Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.
Get it. Or find the torrent. ;-P


Val said...

Lovely idea!! :) Love #1, 5 and 6 so far. Still listening to the others.

Litchi said...

Oh, I'm seriously in love with Western Skyline (No.4) but couldn't get a decent full length link : (

And track No. 1 has got to be one of my top faves EVAH.
Still gives me goosebumps : )