on tap

I was all set to do an early morning shoot out in the fresh air today but it was all gloomy and grey so I turned the lens on the cats.
Now there's a surprise.
I read  that you can really hone your skills if you keep photographing the same thing, over and over again. This woman is taking a polaroid of the food she eats...every single day.
I seem to be doing nothing else but cats lately.
Wayyy more interesting than the food I eat.

The tap has been off and I have been resolute for months now. Finally, a bath free of paw prints and fur!
But Minnie's been trying to twist my arm. She looks at the tap and then she looks at me and licks her lips.
Look what happens when I turn it on.
Crazy felines.

Max refuses to be left out of the action. Whenever he hears the sound of the camera he comes running.

Scene stealer.

Ernest Ranglin - 'King Tubby meets the Rockers'

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Jocelyn said...

Since when did Minnie had that ginger tinge on her coat? Well it helps me tell them apart. Great photos, Lee! The cats must surely love being centre of attention.

Litchi said...

Minnie always had the tinge but it's been enhanced a bit...still playing around with the in camera picture styles!