hello spring : )

Almost time to spring clean those muddy pawprints off the windows...but not yet.
Now, we just soak up a little sun.
And listen to at least three sets of neighbours watching Province lose to the Cheetahs.

Karen O and The Kids 'Where is Love' from Where the Wild Things Are.

ETA- Technical note: I've discovered two new things in the last week:
1. Using the shutter mirror lock thingy makes your pictures really sharp.
2. Editing and converting with Canon's Digital Photo Professional keeps the colours exactly as they were in camera- unlike Lightroom which always involves a huge amount of colour tweaking.
So, woot!  ;-P


Val said...

Wonderful captures ... You rock! :)
And so do your subjects ... little darlings! ;) Seriously though some of your best.

Jocelyn said...

Love the playful photos. Do you enable or disable your mirror lock-up?

I have issues with Lightroom actually and often use PS Raw edit functions.

Litchi said...

Thanks you two : )

J, I enabled the lock-up. Never even knew it existed but I've been reading Scott Kelby's book and thought I'd experiment. Really works!! I think there's a time and place for LR but if you don't feel like fiddling with post processing then DPP is far better.