shooting the breeze with debs & charleen

I tried to show two Nikonites how to free themselves from the chains of Auto yesterday.
I think it went well.
They were pretty compliant and didn't complain (not within my hearing anyway!) and seemed to get into the swing of things.
Totally into it.
Thanks for a great weekend girls!  ;-P

The Fruit Bats sing 'Ruminant Band' live on KEXP


Jocelyn said...

You are such an enabler! I wonder if they have photos of you with your bum in the air? LOL! Miss you so much, my friend!

Litchi said...

They had better bloody not! See how considerate I was? So very tempting though.... *evil grin*

Sistah, there will come the day when we'll get together for a shoot, ok?
I miss you too! I'm also getting the PS itch...wtf? I've been feeling like doing a wallpaper for a while now!!

Val said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! What fun! :)

Jocelyn said...

That would be great! A neutral location perhaps? Would love to see a new wallpaper from you, as I bet some of your photography skills will now bleed into PS. Don't you think that would be just lovely to see?

We're doing our first outdoor photo evaluation on Friday ... JPEG only, full manual, no post-processing. I'm a bit scared....want my mommy!

Litchi said...

Jocelyn--> Woah.....should be fun!! Are you allowed to tweak the custom picture style settings? I've been experimenting with those and I reckon if you get it right in camera no pp is needed. I'm envious -don't be scared, just have fun!
As for the wallpaper...hmm...I could use my photos ...would have to take a long hard look at them and chose one that I'm not totally sick and tired of already. ;-P

Charleen said...

Thanks for a great day, Leanne. Together with the knowledge I also got a spider bite and have been on antibiotics all week. Next time I'll stay out of the grass!!!

Litchi said...

Oh noes! That's enough to put you off AV mode for life!!!
Get better soon!!!