lens & fur therapy

Cat + camera = after-work fun and relaxation
I've been experimenting with custom shooting modes trying to achieve an effect similar to Nikon's vivid and I'm really quite chuffed with this set.
Shot in early evening, the ISO was really high-(800) but other than a quick sharpen and contrast tweak I didn't change a thing. I've really been inspired by TheFatOrangeCat photographer, Li Ward.
Thanks for the link J!
Cass McCombs 'Dream Girl'- six months on my playlist and I'm not tired of it yet!


Val said...

They look great! Well done! That is a high ISO - wow!

Catsby Cat said...

Ooh, v nice with the turquoise background! It works beautifully behind Minnie. Also, thank you for the link to FatOrangeCat - what a great blog and pictures! How do people think up such cool ways to make a living - and then do it?! Not fair... :) Hope you survived the week!

Litchi said...

I know!!! I was just talking about it with my mom! Easy money, surely? What a life!
And....as you can judge by the overuse of exclamation marks I'm very, very relieved and glad...ecstatic even, that this week is finally over.
Reaching for a third glass 'cause I earned it, dammit.

stevemeri said...

I love the one of the paw!

Litchi said...

Thanks Meri! ;-P

Those chocolate coated raisin paws are too cute.