on giggling...and how to survive school inspections

So, I survived another week from hell and, because I still had tons of photos to take for the school's anniversary 'movie' as my principal is calling it (oy, the pressure), I had to find time in all the madness to grab the camera. And I am so thankful I did. These small moments of respite from the excruciating bureaucracy and extreme self-doubt that comes with these inspections kept me from going quietly insane. 
There is always time for a walk and a chat in the beautiful morning sunshine.

And there is most definitely always time for a giggle.
When did we forget to laugh with our whole faces, eyes scrunched up, totally abandoning ourselves to joy?

This is why I teach. : )

PS- Photos did not shrink well- best viewed full size.

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Val said...

Oh Joy!!!! Yes we do forget! Wonderful captures - good luck for Friday, you will blow them away!