digging dishwater

After a week that had me sneezing and sniffing and crying uncontrollably for days (flu), it seems my troubled-teen-soon-to-be-adult-boycat has developed a fascination for dishwater. 
 I've tried grabbing him with very hot, soapy hands and dumping him unceremoniously onto the floor. 
Nope. He jumps right back up.

I've flicked hot, foamy water at him. 
Nope. Up he jumps again.

Then I've tried washing vigorously, using lots of elbow action, making sure I poke and splash him. 
Nope. He just moves out of elbow range.

Is it weird to decide to give up at this point? 
It's just a phase. 
He'll get over it, right?


Val said...

Oh he is so gorgeous! Just love the last one. Maybe it is the pops of the bubbles which fascinates him? Possibly he can hear them better than we can? Who knows! He will get over it I am sure. :)

Catsby Cat said...

I dunno... Maybe with some judicious training you could get him to progress from being fascinated with dirty dishes to doing dirty dishes...

Heh. I think he just wants to hang with you and be where the action is. I also think that the day he falls in the sink will be the day he's not so fascinated any more.