hangin' hearts

I've been playing with more heart mobiles.

Guess what this year's crafty Xmas pressies are going to be....

I so love working with beads.
All those glowing, translucent,
jewel-like baubles
make my heart sing : )

As for the Kindle message...welll....it's been on my mind a bit lately.
To be honest, I think I'd prefer a Sony Reader but it didn't look as good on the heart.
I'm so tempted to get one with my birthday bonus.
I know...I'm  horribly acquisitive.

And don't worry, all traces of the kindle wish will be erased before the mobiles are given as pressies.

If I can part with them. ;-P

ETA- Yes, Charleen, that IS your cute dishtowel! :D


Jocelyn said...

You're just a talented little thing, aren't you? Still lusting after the Kindle I see. Is it available outside the US now?

Charleen said...

Glad you mentioned the dishtowel, I wouldn't have noticed. To busy admiring the lovely heart mobiles.
Also just googled Kindle. The Sony Reader sounds like a great idea. It will definitely be used. Yay to the birthday bonus - one of the things I miss about teaching in SA.

Litchi said...

The bonus has been spent on cameras and lenses for the past two years. I should be saving up to get the kitchen renovated...and perhaps buy a stove as I still don't have one. Lol. But that's so boring, right? Kindles aren't available here but the Sony is. And as it is more versatile I think it's now one up on the Amazon product.
But they're hellishly expensive....*chews nails*